Pictograph: Data and Pictograph and Drawing a Pictograph: Pictures and Pictorial Representation (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Suppose you were given some random people՚s names and their phone numbers and asked to arrange them. How will you handle this?

Data and Pictograph

Data is set of collection of names, numbers, figures, etc. that convey some information. In simple words data is just a collection of raw facts and figures. It can be about anything. A data is made based on observations, research or analysis. We can depict data in different forms such as tables, charts, pictures, graphs, etc.

Pictograph is a pictorial representation of a word or expression. It is one of the methods of recording data in more interesting way. In pictograph, a data is recorded in form of images and these images help us to understand statistical information in a much easier way. But, the chances of misinterpretation are high. A pictograph is also known as pictogram, pictorial chart, picture graph and many more.

Data and Pictograph

Drawing a Pictograph

Pictograph is all about pictures and pictorial representation. To make it more interesting, a pictogram must be precise and properly described. Hence, we should be alert using images that we will use to represent the data. let՚s construct a pictogram of following data.

The following are the different animals and corresponding column gives their weight. Here we will represent it, as shown below.

Drawing a Pictograph

Representation: We will use banana and cherry to picturize this data. Below are value of banana and cherry:

Drawing a Pictograph

Pictograph: Pictogram of above data would be:

Drawing a Pictograph

Example 1: Number of red colored boxes sold by William, a shopkeeper, in six days of a week. See the picture graph or pictograph to answer the questions.

Drawing a Pictograph

(i) Number of red boxes sold:

Monday – 4, Tuesday – 2, Wednesday – 3, Thursday – 5, Friday – 8, Saturday – 1

Therefore, sale during the week

(ii) Lowest sale – on Saturday, only 1 box was sold.

Maximum sale on Friday is 8 boxes were sold.

We can easily get more information by observing this picture-graph.

Example: 2 Number of illiterate children of 5 small towns, Melrose, Marengo, Midway, Parral and Rushville. See the picture graph or pictograph to answer the questions.

Drawing a Pictograph

(i) Number of illiterate children of different small towns:

Melrose - 5, Marengo - 4, Midway - 7, Parral - 3 and Rushville - 2

(ii) Total number of illiterate = 21

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