NCERT Class 11-Biology: Chapter –15 Plant Growth and Development Part 1

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Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1:

Ethylene is used for

a. Retarding ripening of tomatoes

b. Hastening of ripening of fruits

c. Slowing down ripening of apples

d. Both b and c

Answer: (b)

Question 2:

Coconut milk contains

a. ABA

b. Auxin

c. Cytokinin

d. Gibberellin

Answer: (c)

Question 3:

The effect of apical dominance can be overcome by which of the following hormone:

a. IAA

b. Ethylene

c. Gibberellin

d. Cytokinin

Answer: (d)

Question 4:

Match the following:

Match the Following List
Match the following list




Herring sperm DNA








Stomatal closure




Weed-free lawns




Ripening of fruits


a. A – iv, B – iii, C – v, D – ii, E – i

b. A – v, B – iii, C – iv, D – ii, E – i

c. A – iv, B – i, C – iv, D – iii, E – ii

d. A – v, B – iii, C – ii, D – i, E - iv

Answer: (a)

Question 5:

Apples are generally wrapped in waxed paper to

a. Prevent sunlight for changing its colour

b. Prevent aerobic respiration by checking the entry of

c. Prevent ethylene formation due to injury

d. Make the apples look attractive

Answer: (b)

Question 6:

Growth can be measured in various ways. Which of these can be used as parameters to measure growth

a. Increase in cell number

b. Increase in cell size

c. Increase in length and weight

d. All the above

Answer: (d)

Question 7:

The term synergistic action of hormones refers to

a. When two hormones act together but bring about opposite effects.

b. When two hormones act together and contribute to the same function.

c. When one hormone affects more than one function.

d. When many hormones bring about any one function.

Answer: (b)

Question 8:

Plasticity in plant growth means that

a. Plant roots are extensible

b. Plant growth is dependent on the environment

c. Stems can extend

d. None of the above

Answer: (b)

Question 9:

To increase sugar production in sugarcanes, they are sprayed with

a. IAA

b. Cytokinin

c. Gibberellin

d. Ethylene

Answer: (c)

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