NCERT Class 11-Biology: Chapter – 4 Animal Kingdom (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1:

In some animal groups, the body is found divided into compartments with at least some organs/organ repeated. This characteristic feature is named

a. Segmentation

b. Metamerism

c. Metagenesis

d. Metamorphosis

Answer: (b)

Question 2:

Given below are types of cells present in some animals. Each one is specialized to perform a single specific function except

a. Choanocytes

b. Interstitial cells

c. Gastrodermal cells

d. Nematocytes

Answer: (b)

Question 3:

Which one of the following sets of animals share a four chambered heart?

a. Amphibian, Reptiles, Birds

b. Crocodiles, Birds, Mammals

c. Crocodiles, Lizards, Turtles

d. Lizards, Mammals, Birds

Answer: (b)

Question 4:

Which of the following pairs of animals has non glandular skin

a. Snake and Frog

b. Chameleon and Turtle

c. Frog and Pigeon

d. Crocodile and Tiger

Answer: (c)

Question 5:

Birds and mammals share one of the following characteristics as a common feature.

a. Pigmented skin

b. Alimentary canal with some modification

c. Viviparity

d. Warm blooded nature

Answer: (d)

Question 6:

Which one of the following sets of animals belong to a single taxonomic group?

a. Cuttlefish, Jellyfish, Silverfish, Dogfish, Starfish

b. Bat, Pigeon, Butterfly

c. Monkey, Chimpanzee, Man

d. Silkworm, Tapeworm, Earthworm

Answer: (c)

Question 7:

Which one of the following statements is incorrect?

a. Mesoglea is present in between ectoderm and endoderm in Obelia.

b. Radial symmetry is found in Asterias

c. Fasciola is a pseudo coelomate animal

d. Taenia is a triploblastic animal

Answer: (a)

Question 8:

Which one of the following statements is incorrect?

a. In cockroaches and prawns excretion of waste material occurs through malpighian tubules.

b. In ctenophors, locomotion is mediated by comb plates.

c. In Fasciola flame cells take part in excretion

d. Earthworms are hermaphrodites and yet cross fertilization take place among them.

Answer: (a)

Question 9:

Which one of the following is oviparous?

a. Platypus

b. Flying fox (Bat)

c. Elephant

d. Whale

Answer: (a)

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