NCERT Class 11-Biology: Chapter – 4 Animal Kingdom (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 10:

Which one of the following is not a poisonous snake?

a. Cobra

b. Viper

c. Python

d. Krait

Answer: (c)

Question 11:

Match the following list of animals with their level of organization.

Question 11 Table of List of Animals with Their Level of Organisation
Division of LabourAnimal
A.Organ leveli.Pheritima
B.Cellular agregate levelii.Fasciola
C.Tissue leveliii.Spongilla
D.Organ system leveliv.Obelia

Choose the correct match showing division of labour with animal example.

a. i-B, ii-C, iii-D, and iv-A

b. i-B, ii-D, iii-C, and iv-A

c. i-D, ii-A, iii-B, and iv-C

d. i-A, ii-D, iii-C, and iv-B

Answer: (c)

Question 12:

Body cavity is the cavity present between body wall and gut wall. In some animals the body cavity is not lined by mesoderm. Such animals are called

a. Acoelomate

b. Pseudo coelomate

c. Coelomate

d. Haemocoelomate

Answer: (b)

Question 13:

Match the column A with column B and choose the correct option

Question 13 Table of Choose the Correct Option
Column AColumn B
A.Poriferai.Canal system
B.As helminthesii.Water-vascular system
C.Annelidaiii.Muscular Pharynx Comb plates
D.Arthropodaiv.Jointed appendages

a. A-ii, B-iii, C-v, D-iv, E-i

b. A-ii, B-v, C-iii, D-iv, E-i

c. A-i, B-iii, C-v, D-iv, E-ii

d. A-i, B-v, C-iii, D-iv, E-ii

Answer: (c)

Very Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1:

Identify the phylum in which adults exhibit radial symmetry and larva exhibit bilateral symmetry


In phylum echinodermata, adults show radial symmetry whereas larvae show bilateral symmetry

Question 2:

What is the importance of pneumatic bones and air sacs in Aves?


Pneumatic bones in Aves keep the body light and thus help in flight. Air sacs help in respiration and buoyancy.

Question 3:

What is metagenesis? Mention an example which exhibits this phenomenon.


Alteration of generation is known as metagenesis. Obelia exhibits this phenomenon.

Question 4:

What is the role of feathers?


Following are the role feathers in birds:

(a) They create airfoil shape for wings. This provides life during flight.

(b) They help in maintaining body temperature

(c) Play important role in mating.

Question 5:

Which group of chordates possess sucking and circular mouth without jaws?


Cyclostomata: These are also called jawless fish, i.e.. jaws are absent in these animals.

Question 6:

Give one example each for an animal possessing placoid scales and that with cycloid scales.


Placoid scales are found in cartilaginous fish, e. g. scoliodon. Cycloid scales are found in bony fish, e. g. rohu.

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