NCERT Class 12 Biology: Chapter – 4 Reproductive Health Part 1 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1:

The method of directly injecting a sperm into ovum in assisted by reproductive technology is called:




d. ET

Answer: (c)

Question 2:

Increased IMR and decreased MMR in a population will:

a. Cause rapid increase in growth rate

b. Result in decline in growth rate

c. Not cause significant change in growth rate

d. Result in an explosive population/exp.

Answer: (c)

Question 3:

Intensely lactating mothers do not generally conceive due to the:

a. Suppression of gonadotropins

b. Hyper secretion of gonadotropins

c. Suppression of gametic transport

d. Suppression of fertilisation

Answer: (a)

Question 4:

Sterilisation techniques are generally fool proof methods of contraception with least side effects. Yet, this is the last option for the couples because:

i. It is almost irreversible

ii. Of the misconception that it will reduce sexual urge/drive

iii. It is a surgical procedure

iv. Of lack of sufficient facilities in many parts of the country

Choose the correct option:

(a) i and iii

(b) ii and iii

(c) ii and iv

(d) i, ii, iii and iv

Answer: (d)

Question 5:

A national level approach to build up a reproductively healthy society was taken up in our country in:

a. 1950s

b. 1960s

c. 1980s

d. 1990s

Answer: (a)

Question 6:

Emergency contraceptives are effective if used within:

a. 72 hrs of coitus

b. 72 hrs of ovulation

c. 72 hrs of menstruation

d. 72 hrs of implantation

Answer: (a)

Question 7:

Choose the right one among the statements given below:

a. IUDs are generally inserted by the user herself

b. IUDs increase phagocytosis reaction in the uterus

c. IUDs suppress gametogenesis

d. IUDs once inserted need not be replaced

Answer: (b)

Question 8:

Following statements are given regarding MTP. Choose the correct options given below:

i. MTPs are generally advised during first trimester

ii. MTPs are used as a contraceptive method

iii. MTPs are always surgical

iv. MTPs require the assistance of qualified medical personnel

(a) ii and iii

(b) ii and iii

(c) i and iv

(d) i and ii

Answer: (c)

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