NCERT Class 12 Biology: Chapter – 5 Principle of Inheritance and Variation Part 1 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1:

All genes located on the same chromosome:

a. Form different groups depending upon their relative distance

b. Form one linkage group

c. Will not from any linkage groups

d. Form interactive groups that affect the phenotype

Answer: (b)

Question 2:

Conditions of a karyotype and are called:

a. Aneuploidy

b. Polyploidy

c. Allopolyploidy

d. Monosomy

Answer: (a)

Question 3:

Distance between the genes and percentage of recombination shows:

a. a direct relationship

b. an inverse relationship

c. a parallel relationship

d. no relationship

Answer: (b)

Question 4:

If a genetic disease is transferred from a phenotypically normal but carrier female to only some of the male progeny, the disease is:

a. Autosomal dominant

b. Autosomal recessive

c. Sex-linked dominant

d. Sex-linked recessive

Answer: (d)

Question 5:

In sickle cell anaemia glutamic acid is replaced by valine. Which one of the following triplets codes for valine?





Answer: (d)

Question 6:

Person having genotype would show the blood group as . This is because of:

a. Pleiotropy

b. Co-dominance

c. Segregation

d. Incomplete dominance

Answer: (b)

Question 7:

ZZ/ZW type of sex determination is seen in:

a. Platypus

b. Snails

c. Cockroach

d. Peacock

Answer: (d)

Question 8:

A Across between two tall plants resulted in offspring having few dwarf plants. What would be the genotypes of both the parents?





Answer: (b)

Question 9:

In a dihybrid cross, if you get 9: 3: 3: 1 ratio it denotes that:

a. The allels of two genes are interacting with each other

b. It is a multigenic inheritance

c. It is a case of multiple allelism

d. The allels of two genes are segregating independently.

Answer: (d)

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