NCERT Class 12 Biology Exemplar Chapter –7 Evolution Part 2

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Question 10:

Vivipary is considered to be more evolved because:

a. The young ones are left on their own

b. The young ones are protected by a thick shell

c. The young ones are protected inside the mother’s body and are looked after they are born leading to more chances of survival

d. The embryo takes a long time to develop

Answer: (c)

Question 11:

Fossils are generally found in:

a. Sedimentary rocks

b. Igneous rocks

c. Metamorphic rocks

d. Any type of rock

Answer: (a)

Question 12:

For the MN-blood group system, the frequencies of M and N alleles are and 0.3, respectively. The expected frequency of MN-blood group bearing organisms is likely to be





Answer: (a)

Question 13:

Which type of selection is industrial melanise observed in moth, Biston bitularia:

a. Stabilising

b. Directional

c. Disruptive

d. Artificial

Answer: (b)

Question 14:

The most accepted line of descent in human evolution is:

a. Australopithecus → Ramapithecus → Homo sapiens → homo habilis

b. Homo erectus → Homo habilis → Homo sapiens

c. Ramapithecus → Homo habilis → Homo erectus → Homo sapiens

d. Australopithecus → Ramapithecus → Homo erectus → Homo habilis → Homo sapiens.

Answer: (c)

Question 15:

Which of the following is an example for link species?

a. Lobe fish

b. Dodo bird

c. Sea weed

d. Tyrannosaurus rex

Answer: (a)

Question 16:

Match the scientists listed under column ‘A’ with ideas listed column ‘B’.

Chapter-7- Question -16-Table of the Scientists Listed Under Column A and B

Column 1

Column 2








Use and disuse of organs




Continental drift theory




Evolution by natural selection

a. i-M; ii-P; iii-N; iv-O

b. i-P; ii-M; iii-N; iv-O

c. i-N; ii-P; iii-O; iv-M

d. i-p; ii-O; iii-N; iv-M

Answer: (b)

Question 17:

In 1953 S. L. Miller created primitive earth conditions in the laboratory and gave experimental evidence for origin of first form of life from pre-existing non-living organic molecules. The primitive earth conditions created include:

a. low temperature, volcanic storms, atmosphere rich in oxygen

b. low temperature, volcanic storms, reducing atmosphere

c. high temperature, volcanic storms, non-reducing atmosphere

d. high temperature, volcanic storms, reducing atmosphere containing etc.

Answer: (d)

Question 18:

Variations during mutations of meiotic recombination’s are:

a. random and directionless

b. random and directional

c. random and small

d. random, small and directional

Answer: (a)