NCERT Class 12 Biology: Chapter – 8 Human Health and Diseases Part 2 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 9:

In malignant tumours, the cells proliferate, grow rapidly and move to other parts of the body to form new tumours. This stage of disease is called:

a. Metagenesis

b. Metastasis

c. Teratogenesis

d. Mitosis

Answer: (b)

Question 10:

When an apparently healthy person is diagnosed as unhealthy by a psychiatrist, the reason could be that:

a. The patient was not efficient at his work

b. The patient was not economically prosperous

c. The patient shows behavioural and social maladjustment

d. He does not take interest in sports

Answer: (c)

Question 11:

Which of the following are the reason (s) for Rheumatoid arthritis? Choose the correct option.

i. Lymphocytes become more active

ii. Body attacks self cells

iii. More antibodies are produced in the body

iv. The ability to differentiate pathogens or foreign molecules from self cells is lost

(a) i and ii

(b) ii and iv

(c) iii and iv

(d) i and iii

Answer: (b)

Question 12:

AIDS is caused by HIV. Among the following, which one is not a mode of transmission of HIV?

a. Transfusion of contaminated blood

b. Sharing the infected needles

c. Shaking hands with infected persons

d. Sexual contact with infected persons

Answer: (c)

Question 13:

‘Smack’ is a drug obtained from the:

a. Latex of Papaver somniferous

b. Leaves of Cannabis sativa

c. Flowers of Dhatura

d. Fruits of Erythroxyl coca

Answer: (a)

Question 14:

The substance produced by a cell in viral infection that can protect other cells from further infection is:

a. Serotonin

b. Colostrum

c. Interferon

d. Histamine

Answer: (c)

Question 15:

Transplantation of tissues/organs to save certain patients often fails due to rejection of such tissues/organs by the patient. Which type of immune response is responsible for such rejections?

a. Auto-immune response

b. Humoral immune response

c. Physiological immune response

d. Cell-mediated immune response

Answer: (d)

Question 16:

Antibodies present in colostrum which protect the new born from certain diseases is of





Answer: (b)

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