Chemistry Class-11: Chapter – 10. The S-Block Elements Part – 3 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Question: 18

A substance which gives brick red flame and breaks down on heating to give oxygen and a brown gas is

(i) Magnesium nitrate

(ii) Calcium nitrate

(iii) Barium nitrate

(iv) Strontium nitrate

Answer: (ii)

Question: 19

Which of the following statements is true about ?

(i) It is used in the preparation of bleaching powder

(ii) It is a light blue solid

(iii) It does not possess disinfectant property.

(iv) It is used in the manufacture of cement.

Answer: (i)

Question: 20

A chemical A is used for the preparation of washing soda to recover ammonia. When is bubbled through an aqueous solution of A, the solution turns milky. It is used in white washing due to disinfectant nature. What is the chemical formula of A?





Answer: (iii)

Question: 21

Dehydration of hydrates of halides of calcium, barium and strontium i.e.. , , can be achieved by heating. These become wet on keeping in air. Which of the following statements is correct about these halides?

(i) Act as dehydrating agent

(ii) Can absorb moisture from air

(iii) Tendency to form hydrate decreases from calcium to barium

(iv) All of the above

Answer: (iv)