Chemistry Class-11: Chapter – 11. The P-Block Elements Part – 5 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question: 34

Identify the compounds A, X and Z in the following reactions


Question: 35

Complete the following chemical equations:


IV. Matching Type

In the following questions more than one correlation is possible between options of Column I and Column II. Make as many correlations as you can.

Question: 36

Ions and Oxidation
Column IColumn II
(i)(a)Oxidation state of central atom is + 4
(ii)(b)Strong oxidising agent
(iii)(c)Lewis acid
(iv)(d)Can be further oxidised
(e)Tetrahedral shape


Question: 37

Match the species given in Column I with properties given in Column II.

Species and Properties
Column IColumn II
(i)Diborane(a)Used as a flux for soldering metals
(ii)Galluim(b)Crystalline form of silica
(iii)Borax(c)Banana bonds
(iv)Aluminosilicate(d)Low melting, high boiling, useful for measuring high temperatures
(v)Quartz(e)Used as catalyst in petrochemical industries


Electronic Configuration of Ions
Column IColumn II
(i)Boron in (a)
(ii)Aluminium in (b)
(iii)Boron in (c)
(iv)Carbon in Buckminsterfullerene
(v)Silicon in
(vi)Germanium in

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