Chemistry Class-11: Chapter – 12. The Organic Chemistry Some Basic Principles and Techniques Part – 10 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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VI. Long Answer Type

Question: 61

What is meant by hybridization? Compound contains or hybridised carbon atoms. Will it be a planar molecule?


No. It is not a planar molecule.

Planar Molecule

Central carbon atom is hybridised and its two unhybridised p-orbitals are perpendicular to each other. The p-orbitals in one plane overlap with one of the p-orbital of left terminal carbon atom and the p-orbital in other plane overlaps with p-orbital of right-side terminal carbon atom. This fixes the position of two terminal carbon atoms and the hydrogen atoms attached to them in planes perpendicular to each other. Due to this the pair of hydrogen atoms attached to terminal carbon atoms are present in different planes.

Question: 62

Benzoic acid is an organic compound. Its crude sample can be purified by crystallization from hot water. What characteristic differences in the properties of benzoic acid and the impurity make this process of purification suitable?


Question: 63

Two liquids (A) and (B) can be separated by the method of fractional distillation. The boiling point of liquid (A) is less than boiling point of liquid (B) . Which of the liquids do you expect to come out first in the distillate? Explain.


Question: 64

You have a mixture of three liquids A, B and C. There is a large difference in the boiling points of A and rest of the two liquids i.e.. , B and C. Boiling point of liquids B and C are quite close. Liquid A boils at a higher temperature than B and C and boiling point of B is lower than C. How will you separate the components of the mixture? Draw a diagram showing set up of the apparatus for the process.


Question: 65

Draw a diagram of bubble plate type fractionating column. When do we require such type of a column for separating two liquids? Explain the principle involved in the separation of components of a mixture of liquids by using fractionating column. What industrial applications does this process have?


Question: 66

A liquid with high boiling point decomposes on simple distillation but it can be steam distilled for its purification. Explain how is it possible?


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