Chemistry Class-11: Chapter – 5. States of Matter Part – 2 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question: 7

As the temperature increases, average kinetic energy of molecules increases. What would be the effect of increase of temperature on pressure provided the volume is constant?

(i) Increases

(ii) Decreases

(iii) Remains same

(iv) Becomes half

Answer: (i)

Question: 8

Gases possess characteristic critical temperature which depends upon the magnitude of intermolecular forces between the particles. Following are the critical temperatures of some gases.

From the above data what would be the order of liquefaction of these gases? Start writing the order from the gas liquefying first





Answer: (iv)

Question: 9

What is SI unit of viscosity coefficient (η) ?

(i) Pascal




Answer: (ii)

Question: 10

Atmospheric pressures recorded in different cities are as follows:

Consider the above data and mark the place at which liquid will boil first.

(i) Shimla

(ii) Bangalore

(iii) Delhi

(iv) Mumbai

Answer: (i)

Question: 11

Which curve in Fig. 5.2 represents the curve of ideal gas?

(i) B only

(ii) C and D only

(iii) E and F only

(iv) A and B only

Represents the Curve of Ideal Gas

Answer: (i)

Question: 12

Increase in kinetic energy can overcome intermolecular forces of attraction. How will the viscosity of liquid be affected by the increase in temperature?

(i) Increase

(ii) No effect

(iii) Decrease

(iv) No regular pattern will be followed

Answer: (iii)

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