Chemistry Class-11: Chapter – 5. States of Matter Part – 7 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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IV. Matching Type

Question: 41

Match the graphs between the following variables with their names:

Match the Graphs between the Following Variables with Their Names
(i)Pressure vs. temperature (a) Isotherms graph at constant molar volume.(a)Isotherms
(ii)Pressure vs. volume graph (at constant temperature.(b)Constant temperature curve
(iii)Volume vs. temperature graph at constant pressure.(c)Isochores


Question: 42

Match the following gas laws with the equation representing them.

Match the Following Gas Laws with the Equation Representing Them
(i)Boyle՚s law(a) at constant T and p
(ii)Charle՚s law(b) constant T, V
(iii)Dalton՚s law(c)
(iv)Avogadro law(d) at constant n and P
(e) at constant n and T


Question: 43

Match the following graphs of ideal gas with their co-ordinates:

Match the Following Graphs of Ideal Gas with Their Co-Ordinates
Graphical representationX and y co-ordinates
PV Diagram
PV Diagram
PV Diagram


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