Chemistry Class-11: Chapter –6. Thermodynamics Part – 8

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Question: 49

of a monatomic ideal gas is expanded from state (1) to state (2) as shown in Fig. 6.4. Calculate the work done for the expansion of gas from state (1) to state (2) at .


It is clear from the figure that the process has been carried out in infinite steps, hence it is isothermal reversible expansion.


Question: 50

An ideal gas is allowed to expand against a constant pressure of 2 bar from 10 L to 50 L in one step. Calculate the amount of work done by the gas. If the same expansion were carried out reversibly, will the work done be higher or lower than the earlier case?

expand against a constant pressure

Volume vs Bar

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The negative sign shows that work is done by the system on the surrounding. Work done will be more in the reversible expansion because internal pressure and external pressure are almost same at every step.