SChemistry Class-11: Chapter – 6. Thermodynamics Part – 9 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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IV. Matching Type

In the following questions more than one correlation is possible between options of both columns.

Question: 51

Match the following:

Match the Following
(i)Adiabatic process(a)Heat
(ii)Isolated system(b)At constant volume
(iii)Isothermal change(c)First law of thermodynamics
(iv)Path function(d)No exchange of energy and matter
(v)State function(e)No transfer of heat
(vi)(f)Constant temperature
(vii)Law of conservation of energy(g)Internal energy
(viii)Reversible process(h)
(ix)Free expansion(i)At constant pressure
(x)(f)Infinitely slow process which proceeds through a series of equilibrium states.
(xi)Intensive property(k)Entropy
(xii)Extensive property(l)Pressure
(m)Specific heat


Question: 52

Match the following processes with entropy change:

Match the Following Processes with Entropy Change
ReactionEntropy Change
(i)A liquid vapourises(a)
(ii)Reaction is non-spontaneous at all temperatures and is positive(b)
(iii)Reversible expansion of an ideal gas(c)ΔS = negative


Question: 53

Match the following parameters with description for spontaneity:

Match the Following Parameters with Description for Spontaneity
(i)(a)Non-spontaneous at high temperature.
(ii)(b)Spontaneous at all temperatures
(iii)(c)Non-spontaneous at all temperatures


Question: 54

Match the following:

Match the Following
(i)Entropy of vapourisation(a)Decreases
(ii)K for spontaneous process(b)Is always positive
(iii)Crystalline solid state(c)lowest entropy
(iv) in adiabatic expansion of ideal gas(d)


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