Chemistry Class-11: Chapter – 7. Equilibrium Part – 10 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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VI. Long Answer Type

Question: 51

How can you predict the following stages of a reaction by comparing the value of and ?

(i) Net reaction proceeds in the forward direction.

(ii) Net reaction proceeds in the backward direction.

(iii) No net reaction occurs.





Where, is reaction quotient in terms of concentration and is equilibrium constant.

Question: 52

On the basis of Le Chatelier՚s principle explain how temperature and pressure can be adjusted to increase the yield of ammonia in the following reaction.

What will be the effect of addition of argon to the above reaction mixture at constant volume?


Question: 53

A sparingly soluble salt having general formula and molar solubility S is in equilibrium with its saturated solution. Derive a relationship between the solubility and solubility product for such salt.


Question: 54

Write a relation between and and define the meaning of each term and answer the following:

(a) Why a reaction proceeds forward when and no net reaction occurs when .

(b) Explain the effect of increase in pressure in terms of reaction quotient Q. for the reaction:


Change in free energy as the reaction proceeds

Standard free energy change

Reaction quotient

Gas constant

Absolute temperature


If Q < K, ΔG will be negative. Reaction proceeds in the forward direction.

If Q = K, ΔG = 0, no net reaction.

[Hint: Next relate with concentration of and in view of reduced volume (increased pressure) . Show that and hence the reaction proceeds in forward direction.]

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