Chemistry Class-11: Chapter –8. Redox Reactions Part – 6

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VI. Long Answer Type

Question: 33

Explain redox reactions on the basis of electron transfer. Give suitable examples.


Question: 34

On the basis of standard electrode potential values, suggest which of the following reactions would take place? (Consult the book for value).






Question: 35

Why does fluorine not show disproportionation reaction?


Question: 36

Write redox couples involved in the reactions (i) to (iv) given in question 34.


Question: 37

Find out the oxidation number of chlorine in the following compounds and arrange them in increasing order of oxidation number of chlorine.

Which oxidation state is not present in any of the above compounds?


Question: 38

Which method can be used to find out strength of reductant/oxidant in a solution? Explain with an example.