Chemistry Class-11: Chapter –9. Hydrogen Part – 5

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Question: 39

Calculate the strength of volume solution.


5 volume H2O2 solution means that hydrogen peroxide contained in 1 volume of this solution will decompose to give 5 volumes of oxygen at STP i.e. if 1L of this solution is taken, then 5 L of oxygen can be produced from this at STP. Chemical equation for the decomposition of H2O2 is

It shows that gives at STP, so oxygen will be obtained from:

i.e., dissolved in solution will give oxygen or solution will give oxygen. Thus solution is known as solution of .

Question: 40

(i) Draw the gas phase and solid phase structure of

(ii) is a better oxidising agent than water. Explain.

Question: 41

Melting point, enthalpy of vapourisation and viscosity data of and is given below:

On the basis of this data explain in which of these liquids intermolecular forces are stronger?

Question: 42

Dihydrogen reacts with dioxygen to form water. Write the name and formula of the product when the isotope of hydrogen which has one proton and one neutron in its nucleus is treated with oxygen. Will the reactivity of both the isotopes be the same towards oxygen? Justify your answer.


[Hint: Heavy water; Bond dissociation energy of dihydrogen is less than dideuterium]

Question: 43.

Explain why is a gas and is a liquid.

Question: 44

When the first element of the periodic table is treated with dioxygen, it gives a compound whose solid state floats on its liquid state. This compound has an ability to act as an acid as well as a base. What products will be formed when this compound undergoes autoionisation?


Question: 45

Rohan heard that instructions were given to the laboratory attendant to store a particular chemical i.e., keep it in the dark room, add some urea in it, and keep it away from dust. This chemical acts as an oxidising as well as a reducing agent in both acidic and alkaline media. This chemical is important for use in the pollution control treatment of domestic and industrial effluents.

(i) Write the name of this compound.

(ii) Explain why such precautions are taken for storing this chemical.


Question: 46

Give reasons why hydrogen resembles alkali metals?

Question: 47

Hydrogen generally forms covalent compounds. Give reason.

Question: 48

Why is the Ionisation enthalpy of hydrogen higher than that of sodium?

Question: 49

Basic principle of hydrogen economy is transportation and storage of energy in the form of liquid or gaseous hydrogen. Which property of hydrogen may be useful for this purpose? Support your answer with the chemical equation if required.

Question: 50

What is the importance of heavy water?

Question: 51

Write the Lewis structure of hydrogen peroxide.

Question: 52

An acidic solution of hydrogen peroxide behaves as an oxidising as well as reducing agent. Illustrate it with the help of a chemical equation.