Chemistry 12 Chapter 2 Exemplar Solutions Question and Answer Part 1 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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I. Multiple Choice Questions (Type-I)

Question 1:

Which of the following units is useful in relating concentration of solution with its vapour pressure?

(i) Mole fraction

(ii) Parts per million

(iii) Mass percentage

(iv) Molality

Answer: (i)

Question 2:

On dissolving sugar in water at room temperature solution feels cool to touch. Under which of the following cases dissolution of sugar will be most rapid?

(i) Sugar crystals in cold water.

(ii) Sugar crystals in hot water.

(iii) Powdered sugar in cold water.

(iv) Powdered sugar in hot water.

Answer: (iv)

Question 3:

At equilibrium the rate of dissolution of a solid solute in a volatile liquid solvent is ________.

(i) less than the rate of crystallisation

(ii) greater than the rate of crystallisation

(iii) equal to the rate of crystallisation

(iv) zero

Answer: (iii)

Question 4:

A beaker contains a solution of substance ‘A’ . Precipitation of substance ‘A’ takes place when small amount of ‘A’ is added to the solution. The solution is ________.

(i) Saturated

(ii) Supersaturated

(iii) Unsaturated

(iv) Concentrated

Answer: (ii)

Question 5:

Maximum amount of a solid solute that can be dissolved in a specified amount of a given liquid solvent does not depend upon ________.

(i) Temperature

(ii) Nature of solute

(iii) Pressure

(iv) Nature of solvent

Answer: (iii)

Question 6:

Low concentration of oxygen in the blood and tissues of people living at high altitude is due to ________.

(i) Low temperature

(ii) Low atmospheric pressure

(iii) High atmospheric pressure

(iv) Both low temperature and high atmospheric pressure

Answer: (ii)