NCERT Mathematics Class 10 Exemplar Ch 11 Area Related to Circles Part 6 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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1. The area of a circular playground is . Find the cost of fencing this ground at the rate of ₹ per metre.


2. The diameters of front and rear wheels of a tractor are and respectively. Find the number of revolutions that rear wheel will make in covering a distance in which the front wheel makes revolutions.


3. Sides of a triangular field are , and . With the three corners of the field a cow, a buffalo and a horse are tied separately with ropes of length each to graze in the field. Find the area of the field which cannot be grazed by the three animals.


4. Find the area of the segment of a circle of radius whose corresponding sector has a central angle of .


5. A circular pond is is of diameter. It is surrounded by a wide path. Find the cost of constructing the path at the rate of ₹

Answer: ₹

6. In Fig. 11.17, ABCD is a trapezium with , , and distance between AB and . If arcs of equal radii 7 cm with centres A, B, C and D have been drawn, then find the area of the shaded region of the figure.

ABCD is a Trapezium with AB‖DC

Answer: 196 cm2

7. Three circles each of radius are drawn in such a way that each of them touches the other two. Find the area enclosed between these circles.

Answer: (approx.)

8. Find the area of the sector of a circle of radius , if the corresponding arc length is .


9. Four circular cardboard pieces of radii are placed on a paper in such a way that each piece touches other two pieces. Find the area of the portion enclosed between these pieces.


10. On a square cardboard sheet of area , four congruent circular plates of maximum size are placed such that each circular plate touches the other two plates and each side of the square sheet is tangent to two circular plates. Find the area of the square sheet not covered by the circular plates.