NCERT Class 11-Math՚s: Exemplar Chapter – 16 Probability Part 11 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 33:

If A and B are two candidates seeking admission in an engineering College. The probability that A is selected is . and the probability that both A and B are selected is at most . . Is it possible that the probability of B getting selected is ?

Answer: True

Question 34:

The probability of intersection of two events A and B is always less than or equal to those favourable to the event A.

Answer: True

Question 35:

The probability of an occurrence of event A is . 7 and that of the occurrence of event B is . 3 and the probability of occurrence of both is . 4.

Answer: False

Question 36:

The sum of probabilities of two students getting distinction in their final examinations is 1.2.

Answer: True

Fill in the Blanks in the Exercises 37 to 41

Question 37:

The probability that the home team will win an upcoming football game is 0.77, the probability that it will tie the game is 0.08, and the probability that it will lose the game is ________.


Question 38:

If are the four elementary outcomes in a sample space and , then the probability of is ________.


Question 39:

Let and , then is ________.


Question 40:

If A and B are two events associated with a random experiment such that and , then the value of is ________.


Question 41:

The probability of happening of an event A is and that of B is . If A and B are mutually exclusive events, then the probability of neither A nor B is ________.


Question 42:

Match the proposed probability under Column with the appropriate written description under column :

Match the Proposed Probability


Written Description

(a)(i)An incorrect assignment
(b)(ii)No chance of happening
(c)(iii)As much chance of happening as not
(d)(iv)Very likely to happen
(e)(v)Very little chance of happening


(a) ⟷ (iv)

(b) ⟷ (v)

(c) ⟷ (i)

(d) ⟷ (iii)

(e) ⟷ (ii)

Question 43:

Match the Proposed Probability
(a)If and are the two mutually exclusive events(i)
(b)If and are the mutually exclusive and exhaustive events(ii)
(c)If and have common outcomes, then(iii)
(d)If and are two events such that (iv)


(a) ⟷ (iv)

(b) ⟷ (iii)

(c) ⟷ (ii)

(d) ⟷ (i)

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