NCERT Class 11-Math's: Exemplar Chapter 3 Trigonometric Functions Part 8

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Match Each Item Given under the Column C1 to Its Correct Answer Given under Column C2

Question 22:

Match the Column C1 and C2











Hence (a) matches with (iv) denoted by


Hence (b) matches with (i) i.e.,


Hence (c) matches with (ii) i.e.,


Hence (d) matches with (iii), i.e., (d) ↔ (iii)


Short Answer Type

Question 1:


To prove:

As equation on RHS is a simplified expression, so we must opt Left side equation and simplify it further so that we can get


And thus we will be able to prove it.

The expression gives us hint that we use the identity:

to simplify the expression but to use this we need to multiply numerator and denominator with


Hence, it is proved that: