NCERT Class 11-Math's: Chapter –5 Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations Part 13

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Question 27:

Match the statements of Column A and Column B.

Match the Statement Column A and B

Column A

Column B


The polar form of is


Perpendicular bisector of segment

joining and


The amplitude of is


On or outside the circle having centre

at and radius 3.


If , then locus of z is



If then


Perpendicular bisector of segment joining and .


Region represented by is



Region represented by is


On or inside the circle having centre

and radius units.


Conjugate of lies in


First quadrant


Reciprocal of lies in


Third quadrant


(a) ↔ (v)

(b) ↔ (iii)

(c) ↔ (i)

(d) ↔ (iv)

(e) ↔ (ii)

(f) ↔ (vi),

(g) ↔ (viii)

(h) ↔ (vii)

Question 28:

What is the conjugate of ?


Question 29:

If , is it necessary that ?



Question 30:

If , what is the value of ?


Question 31:

Find if and .


Question 32:


Answer: (1)

Question 33:

Find principal argument of .


Question 34:

Where does z lie, if .


Real axis

Choose the Correct Answer from the Given Four Options Indicated Against Each of the Exercises from 35 to 50 (M.C.Q)

Question 35:

and are conjugate to each other for:




(D) No value of

Answer: (D)

Question 36:

The real value of for which the expression is purely real is:




(D) None of these, where

Answer: (C)