NCERT Class 11-Math's: Chapter –8 Binomial Theorem Part 11

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Question 32:

The position of the term independent of in the expansion of is_________ .


Third term

Question 33:

If is divided by , the reminder is _________ .

State which of the statement in Exercises 34 to 40 is True or False.


Question 34:

The sum of the series is


Question 35:

The expression is divisible by .

Answer: T

Question 36:

The number of terms in the expansion of is

Answer: F

Question 37:

The sum of coefficients of the two middle terms in the expansion of is equal to.

Answer: F

Question 38:

The last two digits of the numbers are .

Answer: T

Question 39:

If the expansion of contains a term independent of , then is a multiple of .

Answer: F

Question 40:

Number of terms in the expansion of where is one less than the power .

Answer: F