NCERT Class 12-Mathematics: Chapter – 10 Vector Algebra Part 2 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 3:

Find the position vector of a point R which divides the line joining the two points P and Q with position vectors respectively, in the ratio , (i) internally and (ii) externally.


(i) The position vector of the point R dividing the join of P and Q internally in the ratio is given by

(ii) The position vector of the point R′ dividing the join of P and Q in the ratio externally is given by

Question 4:

If the points , and are collinear, find the value of .


Let the given points be and . Then


Since A, B, C, are collinear, we have


Question 5:

Find a vector of magnitude units which makes an angle of and with and axes, respectively.




Hence, the required vector is given by


Question 6:

If , find λ such that is perpendicular to


We have


Question 7:

Find all vectors of magnitude that are perpendicular to the plane of and .


and . Then

Therefore, unit vector perpendicular to the plane of and is given by

Hence, vectors of magnitude of that are perpendicular to plane of and are