NCERT Class 12-Mathematics: Chapter – 11 Three Dimensional Geometry Part 12 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 39:

The vector equation of the line is ________.


Question 40:

The vector equation of the line through the points and is ________.


Question 41:

The cartesian equation of the plane is ________.


State True or False for the Statements in Each of the Exercises 42 to 49

Question 42:

The unit vector normal to the plane is .

Answer: True

Question 43:

The intercepts made by the plane on the co-ordinate axis are

Answer: True

Question 44:

The angle between the line and the plane is .

Answer: False

Question 45:

The angle between the planes and is .

Answer: False

Question 46:

The line lies in the plane .

Answer: True

Question 47:

The vector equation of the line is .

Answer: True

Question 48:

The equation of a line, which is parallel to and which passes through the point , is .

Answer: False

Question 49:

If the foot of perpendicular drawn from the origin to a plane is , then the equation of plane is .

Answer: True

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