NCERT Class 12-Mathematics: Chapter – 13 Probability Part 11

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Question 35:

Find the probability distribution of the maximum of the two scores obtained when a die is thrown twice. Determine also the mean of the distribution.


Determine Also the Mean of the Distribution

Question 36:

The random variable X can take only the values . Given that and that , find the value of .


Since, and is , let at is

We get, the following distribution.

The Following Distribution


Also, given that

Question 37:

Find the variance of the distribution:

Find the Variance of the Distribution


Find the Variance of the Distribution

Question 38:

A and B throw a pair of dice alternately. A wins the game if he gets a total of and B wins if she gets a total of . It A starts the game, find the probability of winning the game by A in third throw of the pair of dice.




Let is the probability, if A wins in a throw

And is the probability, if B wins in a throw

Required probability

Question 39:

Two dice are tossed. Find whether the following two events A and B are independent:

where denotes a typical sample point.


We have,

So, A and B are not independent.