NCERT Class 12-Mathematics: Chapter –13 Probability Part 15

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Question 51:

The probability distribution of a random variable is given as under:

where is a constant. Calculate





The Probability Distribution
The probability distribution


We know that,

(i). So,

(ii) Also,


Question 52:

A bag contains coins. It is known that n of these coins have a head on both sides whereas the rest of the coins are fair. A coin is picked up at random from the bag and is tossed. If the probability that the toss results in a head is determine the value of .


Given, coin have head on both sides and coins are fair coins.



Question 53:

Two cards are drawn successively without replacement from a well shuffled deck of cards. Find the mean and standard variation of the random variable where is the number of aces.


Let denotes a random variable of number of aces.


Let X Denotes a Random Variable of Number of Aces
Let X denotes a random variable of number of aces

We know that,


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