NCERT Class 12-Mathematics: Chapter –13 Probability Part 21

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State True or False for the Statements in Each of the Exercises 94 to 103

Question 94:

Let and . Then A and B can be both mutually exclusive and independent.

Answer: False

Question 95:

If A and B are independent events, then A and B are also independent.

Answer: True

Question 96:

If A and B are mutually exclusive events, then they will be independent also.

Answer: False

Question 97:

Two independent events are always mutually exclusive.

Answer: False

Question 98:

If A and B are two independent events then .

Answer: True

Question 99:

Another name for the mean of a probability distribution is expected value.

Answer: True

Question 100:

If and are independent events, then

Answer: True

Question 101:

If A and B are independent, then

Answer: True

Question 102:

If A and B are two events such that and , then

Answer: False

Question 103:

If A, B and C are three independent events such that , then

Answer: True

Fill in the Blanks in Each of the Following Questions

Question 104:

If A and B are two events such that , then ________


Question 105:

If A and B are such that , then __________


Question 106:

If X follows binomial distribution with parameters and , then ___________


Question 107:

Let be a random variable taking values with probabilities, respectively. Then var ________


Question 108:

Let A and B be two events. If , then A is ___________ of B.



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