NCERT Class 12-Mathematics: Chapter –2 Inverse Trigonometric Function Part 16

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Fill in the Blanks in Each of the Exercises 38 to 48

Question 38:

The principal value of is _____________.


Question 39:

The value of is ____________.


Question 40:

If , then value of is__________.


Question 41:

The set of values of is__________.


Question 42:

The principal value of is__________.


Question 43:

The value of is__________.


Question 44:

The value of is______ .


Question 45:

The value of expression , when is_________.


Question 46:

If for all , then _________________.


Question 47:

The result is true when value of is _____


Question 48:

The value of for all in terms of is _______.


State True or False for the Statement in Each of the Exercises 49 to 55

Question 49:

All trigonometric functions have inverse over their respective domains.

Answer: False

Question 50:

The value of the expression is equal to .

Answer: False

Question 51:

The domain of trigonometric functions can be restricted to any one of their branch (not necessarily principal value) in order to obtain their inverse functions.

Answer: True

Question 52:

The least numerical value, either positive or negative of angle is called principal value of the inverse trigonometric function.

Answer: True

Question 53:

The graph of inverse trigonometric function can be obtained from the graph of their corresponding trigonometric function by interchanging and axes.

Answer: True

Question 54:

The minimum value of for which , is valid .

Answer: False

Question 55:

The principal value of

Answer: True

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