NCERT Mathematics Class 9 Exemplar Ch 11 Constructions Part 3

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Exercise 11.3

Q.1. Draw an angle of with the help of a protractor and bisect it. Measure each angle.

Q.2. Draw a line segment AB of 4 cm in length. Draw a line perpendicular to AB through A and B, respectively. Are these lines parallel?

Answer: Yes

Q.3. Draw an angle of with the help of a protractor. Then construct angles of

(i) (ii) and (iii)

Q.4. Construct a triangle whose sides are, and Bisect the smallest angle and measure each part.

Q.5. Construct a triangle ABC in which, and

Q.6. Construct a square of side

Q.7. Construct a rectangle whose adjacent sides are of lengths and

Q.8. Construct a rhombus whose side is of length and one of its angles is