NCERT Mathematics Class 9 Exemplar Ch 3 Coordinate Geometry Part 2

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Q.8. A point both of whose coordinates are negative will lie in

(A) I quadrant

(B) II quadrant

(C) III quadrant

(D) IV quadrant

Answer: C

Q.9. Points

(A) Lie in II quadrant

(B) Lie in III quadrant

(C) Lie in IV quadrant

(D) Do not lie in the same quadrant

Answer: D

Q.10. If y coordinate of a point is zero, and then this point always lies

(A) In I quadrant

(B) In II quadrant

(C) On x - axis

(D) On y – axis

Answer: C

Q.11. The points andlie in the

(A) Same quadrant

(B) II and III quadrants, respectively

(C) II and IV quadrants, respectively

(D) IV and II quadrants, respectively

Answer: C

Q.12. If the perpendicular distance of a point P from the x-axis is 5 units and the foot of the perpendicular lies on the negative direction of x-axis, and then the point P has

(A) x – coordinate =

(B) y - coordinate = only

(C) y – coordinate = only

(D) y – coordinate = or

Answer: D

Q.13. On plotting the points and joining OA, AB, BC and CO which of the following figure is obtained?

(A) Square

(B) Rectangle

(C) Trapezium

(D) Rhombus

Answer: D

Q.14. If and Tare plotted on the

graph-paper, then the point(s) in the fourth quadrant are

(A) P and T

(B) Q and R

(C) Only S

(D) P and R

Answer: B