NCERT Mathematics Class 9 Exemplar Ch 3 Coordinate Geometry Part 5

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Exercise 3.2

Q.1. Write whether the following statements are true or false? Justify your answer.

(i) Point lies in the first quadrant.

(ii) Points and lie in the same quadrant.

(iii) The coordinates of a point whose ordinate is and abscissa is are

(iv) A point lies on y-axis at a distance of units from the x-axis. Its coordinates are

(v) is a point in the II quadrant.

Answer: (i) False, because if ordinate of a point is zero, the point lies on the x-axis.

(ii) False (1, –1 ), lies in IV quadrant and (–1, 1) lies in II quadrant.

(iii) False, because in the coordinates of a point abscissa comes first and then the ordinate.

(iv) False, because a point on the y-axis is of the form (0, y).

(v) True, because in the II quadrant, signs of abscissa and ordinate are –, +, respectively.

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