NCERT Mathematics Class 9 Exemplar Ch 5 Introduction to Euclid's Geometry Part 2

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8. Boundaries of surfaces are:

(A) Surfaces

(B) Curves

(C) Lines

(D) Points

Answer: B

9. In Indus Valley Civilization (about 3000 B.C.), the bricks used for construction work were having dimensions in the ratio





Answer: B

10. A pyramid is a solid figure, the base of which is

(A) Only a triangle

(B) Only a square

(C) Only a rectangle

(D) Any polygon

Answer: D

11. The side faces of a pyramid are:

(A) Triangles

(B) Squares

(C) Polygons

(D) Trapeziums

Answer: A

12. It is known that if then . The Euclid’s axiom that illustrates this statement is:

(A) First Axiom

(B) Second Axiom

(C) Third Axiom

(D) Fourth Axiom

Answer: B

13. In ancient India, the shapes of altars used for house hold rituals were:

(A) Squares and circles

(B) Triangles and rectangles

(C) Trapeziums and pyramids

(D) Rectangles and squares

Answer: A

14. The number of interwoven isosceles triangles in Sriyantra (in the Atharvaveda) is:

(A) Seven

(B) Eight

(C) Nine

(D) Eleven

Answer: C