NCERT Mathematics Class 9 Exemplar Ch 7 Triangles Part 4

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Exercise 7.3

Q.1. 1.ABC is an isosceles triangle with and BD and CE are its two medians. Show that

Q.2. 2.In Fig, D and E are points on side BC of a ∆ ABC such that and Show that ∆

Points on side A, B, C, D

Points on Side a, B, C, D

Q.3. CDE is an equilateral triangle formed on a side CD of a square ABCD (Fig.7.5). Show that

Equilateral triangle

Equilateral Triangle

Q.4. In Fig, , such that and . Show that .

∆ ABC ≅ ∆ DEF

∆ ABC ≅ ∆ DEF

Q.5. Q is a point on the side SR of a ∆ PSR such that. Prove that

Q.6. S is any point on side QR of a ∆ PQR. Show that:

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