NCERT Physics Class 11 Exemplar Chapter 2 Units And Measurements Part-2

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12). If momentum (P), area (A) and time (T) are taken to be fundamental quantities, then energy has the dimensional formula





Answer: (d)

One Or More Than Choice Type Questions

13). On the basis of dimensions, decide which of the following relations for the displacement of a particle undergoing simple harmonic motion is not correct:





Answer: (b), (c)

14). If P, Q, R are physical quantities, having different dimensions, which of the following combinations can never be a meaningful quantity?

(a) (P – Q)/R

(b) PQ – R

(c) PQ/R


(e) (R + Q)/P

Answer: (a), (e)

15). Photon is quantum of radiation with energy E = h ν where ν is frequency and h is Planck’s constant. The dimensions of h are the same as that of

(a) Linear impulse

(b) Angular impulse

(c) Linear momentum

(d) Angular momentum

Answer: (b), (d)

16). If Planck’s constant (h ) and speed of light in vacuum (c ) are taken as two fundamental quantities, which one of the following can, in addition, be taken to express length, mass and time in terms of the three chosen fundamental quantities?

(a) Mass of electron

(b) Universal gravitational constant (G)

(c) Charge of electron (e)

(d) Mass of proton

Answer: (a), (b), (d)

17). Which of the following ratios express pressure?

(a) Force/ Area

(b) Energy/ Volume

(c) Energy/ Area

(d) Force/ Volume

Answer: (a), (b)