NCERT Physics Class 11 Exemplar Ch 5 Laws of Motion Part 7 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Q. 35. When a body slides down from rest along a smooth inclined plane making an angle of with the horizontal, it takes time . When the same body slides down from rest along a rough inclined plane making the same angle and through the same distance, it is seen to take where p is some number greater than . Calculate the co-efficient of friction between the body and the rough plane.

Answer: General Case

Smooth case:


Rough case

Q. 36. Figure shows diagrams for a body of unit mass. Find the force as a function of time.

Speed Time Graph


Q. 37 A racing car travels on a track (without banking) ABCDEFA (Figure) . ABC is a circular arc of radius CD and FA are straight paths of length R and DEF is a circular arc of radius . The co-efficient of friction on the road . The maximum speed of the car is . Find the minimum time for completing one round.

Completing Rounds

Answer: For DEF


Time for DEF

For FA and DC

Total time