NCERT Physics Class 12 Exemplar Chapter 1 Electric Charges and Fields Part 1

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Multiple Choice Questions

Q.1 In Fig, two positive charges fixed along the axis, exert a net electric force in the direction on a charge fixed along the axis. If a positive charge is added at , the force on

Image of Two positive charges q2 and q3

Image of Two Positive Charges q2 and q3

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  1. Shall increase along the positive x-axis.

  2. Shall decrease along the positive x-axis.

  3. Shall point along the negative x-axis.

  4. Shall increase but the direction changes because of the intersection of with .

Answer: A

Q.2 A point positive charge is brought near an isolated conducting sphere (Fig.). The electric field is best given by


Tittle: Image of positive charge in sphere

Electric Field Point Charge

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  1. Fig (i)

  2. Fig(ii)

  3. Fig (iii)

  4. Fig (iv)

Answer: A