NCERT Physics Class 12 Exemplar Ch 14 Semiconductor Electronics Materials Devices and Simple Circuits Part 2

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Name the type of a diode whose characteristics

Name the Type of a Diode Whose Characteristics

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i) Name the type of a diode whose characteristics are shown in Fig. (A) and Fig.(B).

(ii) What does the point P in Fig (A) Represent?

(iii) What does the points P and Q in Fig (B) Represent?


  • ZENER junction diode and solar cell.

  • Zener breakdown voltage

  • Q- short circuit current

  • P- Open circuit voltage.

24 Three photo diodes and are made of semiconductors having band gaps of and, respectively. Which ones will be able to detect light of wavelength ?


  • Energy of incident light photon

  • For the incident radiation to be detected by the photodiode, energy of incident radiation photon should be greater than the band gap.

  • This is true only for D2. Therefore, only D2 will detect this radiation.

25 If the resistance is increased (Fig.), how will the readings of the ammeter and voltmeter change?

resistance R 1 is increased (Fig.),

Resistance R 1 is Increased (Fig.)

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If is increased, IB will decrease. Sinceit will result in decrease in i.e decrease in ammeter and voltmeter readings.