NCERT Physics Class 12 Exemplar Ch 14 Semiconductor Electronics Materials Devices and Simple Circuits Part 4

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Long Answer

31 If each diode in Fig. has a forward bias resistance of and infinite resistance in reverse bias, what will be the values of the current?

Has a forward bias resistance

Has a Forward Bias Resistance


  • is zero as the diode in that branch is reverse bised. Resistance in the branch AB and EF are each

  • As AB and EF are identical parallel branches, their effective resistance is

  • Net resistance in the circuit

  • Current

  • As resistances of AB and EF are equal, and

Q 32 In the circuit shown in Fig., when the input voltage of the base resistance is, is zero and is also zero. Find the values of.

Find currents

Find Currents


As , potential drop across is .

Since, potential drop across , i.e. is .

Q 33 Draw the output signals and in the given combination of gates (Fig.).

Draw the output of combination of gates (Q).

Draw the Output of Combination of Gates (Q)


Output of combination of gates (Ans).

Output of Combination of Gates (Ans)

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