NCERT Physics Class 12 Exemplar Ch 14 Semiconductor Electronics Materials Devices and Simple Circuits Part 4 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Long Answer

31 If each diode in Fig. has a forward bias resistance of and infinite resistance in reverse bias, what will be the values of the current ?

Has a Forward Bias Resistance


  • is zero as the diode in that branch is reverse bised. Resistance in the branch AB and EF are each
  • As AB and EF are identical parallel branches, their effective resistance is
  • Net resistance in the circuit
  • Current
  • As resistances of AB and EF are equal, and

Q 32 In the circuit shown in Fig. , when the input voltage of the base resistance is , is zero and is also zero. Find the values of .

Find Currents


As , potential drop across is .

Since , potential drop across , i.e.. is .

Q 33 Draw the output signals and in the given combination of gates (Fig.) .

Draw the Output of Combination of Gates (Q)


Output of Combination of Gates (Ans)