NCERT Physics Class 12 Exemplar Ch 14 Semiconductor Electronics Materials Devices and Simple Circuits Part 5

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Q 34 Consider the circuit arrangement shown in Fig. (a) For studying input and output characteristics of NPN transistor in CE configuration.

Study input output char of NPN transistor

Study Input Output Char of NPN Transistor

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Select the values of and for a transistor whose, so that the transistor is operating at point Q as shown in the characteristics shown in Fig. (b). Given that the input impedance of the transistor is very small and, also finds the voltage gain and power gain of circuit making appropriate assumptions.

Char curve of NPN transistor

Char Curve of NPN Transistor

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From the output characteristics at point Q, &



Voltage gain

Power Gain

Q 35 Assuming the ideal diode draw the output waveform for the circuit given in Fig. Explain the waveform.

Draw the output waveform for the circuit

Draw the Output Waveform for the Circuit

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  • When input voltage is greater than, diode is conducting

  • When input is less than, diode is open circuit

Input voltage is greater than 5V, diode is conducting

Input Voltage is Greater Than 5V, Diode is Conducting

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