NCERT Physics Class12 Exampler Chapter-2 Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance Part-2

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Q.5 Equipotential at a great distance from a collection of charges whose total sum is not zero are approximately

  1. spheres

  2. planes

  3. paraboloids

  4. ellipsoids

Answer: A

Q.6 A parallel plate capacitor is made of two dielectric blocks in series. One of the blocks has thickness d1 and dielectric constant and the other has thickness and dielectric constant as shown in Figure. This arrangement can be thought as a dielectric slab of

thickness ) and effective dielectric constant K. The K is

Image of

Image Of

Answer: C

One or More Than One Correct Answer Type

Q.7 Consider a uniform electric field in the Z direction. The potential is a constant

  1. in all space.

  2. for any x for a given z.

  3. for any y for a given z.

  4. on the x-y plane for a given z.

Answer: B, C and D

Q.8 Equipotential surfaces

  1. are closer in regions of large electric fields compared to regions of lower electric fields.

  2. will be more crowded near sharp edges of a conductor.

  3. will be more crowded near regions of large charge densities.

  4. will always be equally spaced.

Answer: A, B and C

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