NCERT Physics Class 12 Exemplar Ch 5 Magnetism and Matter Part 6

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Q.21 Verify the Ampere’s law for magnetic field of a point dipole of dipole moment . Take as the closed curve running clockwise along

(i) The axis from

(ii) Along the quarter circle of radius R and center at the origin, in the first quadrant of plane;

(iii) Along the axis from , and

(iv) Along the quarter circle of radius and center at the origin in the first quadrant of plane.


(i) Along axis

(ii) Along the quarter circle of radius

(iii) Along x-axis

(iv) Along the quarter circle of radius


Q.22 What are the dimensions of , the magnetic susceptibility? Consider an atom. Guess an expression for , upto a constant by constructing a quantity of dimensions of , out of parameters of the atom: and . Here, is the electronic mass, is electronic velocity, is Bohr radius. Estimate the number so obtained and compare with the value of for many solid materials.


is dimensionless.

depends on magnetic moment induced when is turned on. couples to atomic electrons through its charge The effect on is via current which involves another factor of . The combination does not depend on the “charge” dimension.

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