NCERT Class X Science Class: Chapter –1. Chemical Reactions and Equations – Part-10

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Question 44:

You are provided with two containers made up of copper and aluminium. You are also provided with solutions of dilute. In which of the above containers these solutions can be kept?


  • When solutions are kept in copper container

    • Dilute :

      • Copper does not react with dilute. Therefore, it can be kept.

    • Dilute

      • Nitric acid acts as a strong oxidising agent and reacts with copper vessel, therefore cannot be kept.

    • :

      • Zinc is more reactive than copper therefore, no displacement reaction occurs and hence can be kept.

    • :

      • Copper does not react with water. Therefore, can be kept.

  • When solutions are kept in aluminium containers

    • Dilute :

      • Aluminium reacts with dilute to form its salt and hydrogen is evolved. Therefore, cannot be kept.

    • Dilute :

      • Aluminium gets oxidised by dilute to form a layer of and can be kept.

      • Aluminium being more reactive than zinc can displace zinc ion from the solution. Therefore, the solution cannot be kept.

    • :

      • Aluminium does not react with cold or hot water. Therefore, water can be kept.

      • Aluminium is attacked by steam to form aluminium oxide and hydrogen