NCERT Class X Science Class: Chapter – 12. Electricity – Part-4 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 14:

In an electrical circuit three incandescent bulbs A, B and C of rating respectively are connected in parallel to anelectric source. Which of the following is likely to happen regardingtheir brightness?

(a) Brightness of all the bulbs will be the same

(b) Brightness of bulb A will be the maximum

(c) Brightness of bulb B will be more than that of A

(d) Brightness of bulb C will be less than that of B

Image Three Bulb Connected Back Circuit Diagram

Answer: C

Question 15:

In an electrical circuit two resistors of respectivelyare connected in series to a battery. The heat dissipated by the resistor in will be





Answer: C

Net resistance

In series, Same 1 A current passes through both resistance,

Question 16:

An electric kettle consumes of electric power when operated at . A fuse wire of what rating must be used for it?





Answer: D

Image an Electric Power

Question 17:

Two resistors of resistance when connected to a battery will have

(a) Same current flowing through them when connected in parallel

(b) Same current flowing through them when connected in series

(c) Same potential difference across them when connected inseries

(d) Different potential difference across them when connected inparallel

Answer: B

Image Electrical Current

Question 18:

Unit of electric power may also be expressed as

(a) Volt ampere

(b) Kilowatt hour

(c) Watt second

(d) Joule second

Answer: A

Image Watt is Equal to Volt Ampere

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