NCERT Class X Science Class: Chapter –16. Management of Natural Resources – Part-4

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Question 14:

Expand the abbreviation GAP

(a) Governmental Agency for Pollution Control

(b) Gross Assimilation by Photosynthesis

(c) Ganga Action Plan

(d) Governmental Agency for Animal Protection

Answer: C

Image Ganga Action Plan

Image Ganga Action Plan

Question 15:

Select the incorrect statement

(a) Economic development is linked to environmental conservation

(b) Sustainable development encourages development for currentgeneration and conservation of resources for future generations

(c) Sustainable development does not consider the view points of stake holders

(d) Sustainable development is a long planned and persistentdevelopment

Answer: C

Question 16:

Which of the following is not a natural resource?

(a) Mango tree

(b) Snake

(c) Wind

(d) Wooden house

Answer: D

Question 17:

Select the wrong statement

(a) Forests provide variety of products

(b) Forests have greater plant diversity

(c) Forests do not conserve soil

(d) Forests conserve water

Answer: C

Question 18:

Arabari forests of Bengal is dominated by

(a) Teak

(b) Sal

(c) Bamboo

(d) Mangroove

Answer: B

Image Arabari forest range

Image Arabari Forest Range

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