NCERT Class X Science Class: Chapter – 2. Acids, Bases and Salts – Part-6 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Short Answer Questions

Question 31:

Match the acids given in Column (A) with their correct source given in Column (B)

Acids and Source (Q)
Column (A)Column (B)
A.Lactic acidi.Tomato
B.Acetic acidii.Lemon
C.Citric acidiii.Vinegar
D.Oxalic acidiv.Curd


Acids and Source (A)
Column (A)Column (B)
A.Lactic acidiv.Curd
B.Acetic acidiii.Vinegar
C.Citric acidii.Lemon
D.Oxalic acidi.Tomato

Question 32:

Match the important chemicals given in Column (A) with the chemical formulae given in Column (B)

Match the Column (A) and Column (B) (Q)
Column (A)Column (B)
A.Plaster of Parisi.
C.Bleaching Powderiii.
D.Slaked Limeiv.


Match the Column (A) and Column (B) (A)
Column (A)Column (B)
A.Plaster of Parisii.
C.Bleaching Powderiv.
D.Slaked Limei.

Question 33:

What will be the action of the following substances on litmus paper? Dry gas, Moistened gas, Lemon juice, carbonated soft drink, Curd, Soap solution.


Action on Litmus Paper
SubstanceAction on litmus paper
Dry gasNo change
Moistened gasTurns red to blue
Lemon juiceTurns blue to red
Carbonated soft drinkTurns blue to red
CurdTurns blue to red
Soap solutionTurns red to blue

Question 34:

Name the acid present in ant sting and give its chemical formula. Also give the common method to get relief from the discomfort caused by the ant sting.


The acid present in ant sting is Methanoic acid (formic acid) . The chemical formula is . To get relief one should apply any available basic salt e. g. , baking soda on it.

Image Structure of Methanoic Acid (Formic Acid)

Question 35:

What happens when nitric acid is added to egg shell?


Egg shells contain calcium carbonate. When nitric acid is added to it, carbon dioxide gas is evolved. Same reaction happens when nitric acid is poured over egg shell. The reaction can be given as

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