NCERT Class X Science Class: Chapter –4. Carbon and its Compounds – Part-11

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Question 45:

Write the structural formulae of all the isomers of hexane.


Image structural formulae of all the isomers of hexane

Image Structural Formulae of All the Isomers of Hexane

Question 46:

What is the role of metal or reagents written on arrows in the given chemical reactions?

Image metal chemical reaction

Image Metal Chemical Reaction


(a) acts as a catalyst

(b) Concentrated acts as a catalyst

(c) Alkaline acts as an oxidising agent

Long Answer Questions

Question 47:

A salt X is formed and a gas is evolved when ethanoic acid reacts with sodium hydrogen carbonate. Name the salt X and the gas evolved. Describe an activity and draw the diagram of the apparatus to prove that the evolved gas is the one which you have named. Also, write chemical equation of the reaction involved.


Salt X is and is known as sodium acetate reaction

X is sodium ethanoate Gas evolved is carbon dioxide Activity Lime water will turn milky, a characteristic property of gas

Image ethanoic acid and NaHCO 3 solution

Image Ethanoic Acid and NaHCO 3 Solution

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