NCERT Class X Science Class: Chapter –4. Carbon and its Compounds – Part-6

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Question 25:

Which of the following does not belong to the same homologous series?

Answer: D

Image the same homologous series

Image the Same Homologous Series

Question 26:

The name of the compound is

  1. Propanol

  2. Propanone

  3. Ethanol

  4. Ethanol

Answer: A

Image structure of propanol

Image Structure of Propanol

Question 27:

The heteroatoms present in


  1. Oxygen

  2. Carbon

  3. Hydrogen

  4. Chlorine

  5. (i) and (ii)

  6. (ii) and (iii)

  7. (iii) and (iv)

  8. (i) and (iv)

Answer: D

Question 28:

Which of the following represents saponification reaction?

Answer: D

Question 29:

The first member of alkyne homologous series is

  1. Ethyne

  2. Ethene

  3. Propyne

  4. Methane

Answer: A

Image alkyne homologous series

Image Alkyne Homologous Series

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