NCERT Class X Science Class: Chapter – 6. Life Processer – Part-8 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Question 42:

Differentiate between an autotroph and a heterotroph.


Differentiate between an Autotroph and a Heterotroph
1Organisms that prepare their own food.1Organisms that are dependent on other organisms for food.
2They have chlorophyll.2They lack chlorophyll.

Question 43:

Is ‘nutrition’ a necessity for an organism? Discuss.


Food is required for the following purposes

(a) It provides energy for the various metabolic processes in the body.

(b) It is essential for the growth of new cells and repair or replacement of worn out cells.

(c) It is needed to develop resistance against various diseases.

Question 44:

What would happen if green plants disappear from earth?


Green plants are the sources of energy for all organisms. If all green plants disappear from the earth, all the herbivores will die due to starvation and so will the carnivores.

Image if Green Plants Disappear from Earth

Question 45:

Leaves of a healthy potted plant were coated with Vaseline. Will this plant remain healthy for long? Give reasons for your answer.


This plant will not remain healthy for a long time because

(a) It will not get oxygen for respiration.

(b) It will not get carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.

(c) Upward movement of water and minerals would be hampered due to lack of transpiration.

Question 46:

How does aerobic respiration differ from anaerobic respiration?


Aerobic Respiration Differ from Anaerobic Respiration
Aerobic respirationAnaerobic respiration
1Oxygen is utilised for the breakdown of respiratory substrate.1Oxygen is not required.
2It takes place in cytoplasm (glycolysis) and inside mitochondria (Krebs cycle)2It takes place in cytoplasm only.
3End products are carbon dioxide and water3End products are lactic acid or ethanol and carbon dioxide.
4More energy is released.4Less energy is released.

Question 47:

Match the words of Column (A) with that of Column (B)

Match the Words of Column (A) with That of Column (B) (Q)
Column AColumn B
BNephroniiTranslocation of food
CVeinsiiiClotting of blood
DPlateletsivDeoxygenated blood


Match the Words of Column (A) with That of Column (B) (A)
Column AColumn B
APhloemiiTranslocation of food
CVeinsivDeoxygenated blood
DPlateletsiiiClotting of blood

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